OSHA 10 certification

Entry level workers are generally the ones who require OSHA training. Whether you’re a general industry employee or you work in construction, the OSHA 10 training course can be of great help in introducing at least the most basic knowledge and requirements associated with the industry you’re working in.

After taking the course, additional materials can also be used to solidify your learning and gain further insight into the safety training that has been given during the 10 hours of the course in question. Depending on your employer’s requirements and the specific safety rules associated with your industry, you might also need to think of taking the more comprehensive OSHA 30 training course down the line.

Who Needs to Consider OSHA 10 Training?

The OSHA Education Center provides OSHA 10 training for two categories of workers: general industry and construction employees. Depending on your line of work, you can choose one or the other, and you may be able to meet the necessary health and safety requirements associated with your workplace.

OSHA 10 is not the most extensive type of training that you can get from the Occupational Safety and Health Association. There is also an OSHA 30 training course that requires an attendance period of 30 hours to complete. However, in order to learn the basics, you can simply opt for the 10-hour course.

The workers who will benefit the most from the OSHA 10 course are those who want to make a career in fields such as healthcare, warehousing and factory operation, storage, certain types of retail jobs and just about any line of work that involves using flammable or otherwise hazardous materials and chemicals.

What Does the Course Include?

The course includes a comprehensive 10-hour introduction to OSHA’s main standards, precautions, prevention methods and rules. You’ll learn about fall hazards, electrocution, the use of chemicals and various dangerous materials, as well as the dangers of unguarded equipment and the use of PPEs. You’ll also be familiarized with the main types of injury and ailments to guard against.

The OSHA 10 certification training course can be taken entirely online, and it includes interactive exercises, audio narration, case studies, printable study guides and convenient access to the support and assistance of trained OSHA instructors, if you have any questions or issues.

Pricing and Additional Details

OSHA 10 costs about $80 to register, and it is available in Spanish as well as several other languages for workers who have yet to learn English at a level where they can understand the terms and concepts discussed in the course.

Once you complete the training, and you have familiarized yourself well-enough with the material, you will obtain an OSHA Card which you can present to your employer to show them that you are OSHA-certified. Until the card arrives, however, workers will receive a downloadable and printable certificate that can act as temporary proof of course completion, if they need to present their proof as soon as possible.

Although your card will never expire once you have obtained it, be advised that in some areas and under the regulations of certain employers or unions, you might be required to take the test again periodically, so that you can be briefed on various new developments and innovations.