Brighton window replacement

Old, damaged windows are unsightly, usually difficult to operate and they also leak energy. This means that a house with old, drafty, inefficient windows is an uncomfortable house that also costs more in overheads than it should. There are several ways to solve these issues, the best way to proceed certainly being window replacement. Here is how considering replacement windows can save energy for your home.

Energy-efficiency through the Window Frames

New window frames are always more energy-efficient than old ones, even if the old windows are still in good condition. The materials used for manufacturing window frames are continuously evolving as the best window manufacturers invest considerably into innovation. This means that modern windows frames are made from materials that insulate more efficiently and they also feature technical solutions, such as compartments with additional insulation inside the frames or combination of materials to ensure superior insulation. The most common options are solid wood, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl and composite materials (in this context meaning frames that combine two materials, usually wood fiber and synthetic polymers, to create a third, much stronger material with much better insulating properties).

Energy-efficiency through the Glass Panes

In the past, windows consisted not only of more simple frames, but they also had just a single glass pane. Modern windows, on the other hand, all feature multiple panes, even the simplest ones consist of two panes, which means doubles insulation efficiency as well. If you need even better insulation, you can choose windows that feature three, four or even five panes and window manufacturers also offer window varieties that use inert gas, such as argon, to add one more layer of insulation between the glass sheets.

Modern glass technology today allows for solutions that reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your window and transferred towards your building interior in summer. One of the most common heat repellent solutions is the application of a thin reflective coating on the outermost glass surface. Tinted windows are also available in various options, allowing homeowners to choose the hue that matches the design of their building from a wide range of colors.

Energy Star Rating

Brighton window replacement specialists confirm that the windows that offer the best performance in terms of energy savings are Energy Star rated windows. The rating means that the product that carries the label meet the strictest energy-efficiency guidelines and that they have been extensively tested, certified and verified by independent experts. The decision to have Energy Star rated windows installed can also make the buyer eligible to various incentives and financial support, so doing a little research to see what your options are is certainly worth your time and energy.

Airtight Installation

Old windows leak energy not only through the frames and through the glass, but through the cracks and gaps that form between the frame and the wall around or between the glass sheet and the frame. New windows eliminate this issue, too, by holding the glass sheets tightly and through professional installation to ensure that the new units are fitted tightly into their place.