Silestone, the flagship brand of the Italian natural stone supplier, Cosentino, includes a variety of quartz slabs that distinguish themselves from competitors with their extraordinary quality and the availability of not only toned-down colors, but also of bold color combinations and design options, just perfect for making a statement in a space that features an unusual design.

Silestone has been around for quite some time, but the popularity of the products belonging to the brand has taken off only for a few years. However, what is important is that homeowners all over the country are already the happy owners of Silestone countertops and countless other homeowners are looking for their own Silestone solution.

silestone countertops

Here are some of the features that to account for that immense popularity.

Countless Design Options

Most manufacturers of quartz countertop solutions limit themselves to classic colors, usually in the range of white, off-white, grey beige and the combinations of these hues. Offering clients a selection of over 90 different colors, Silestone also offers these classic shades, but the manufacturer is aware of the importance of providing solutions for those looking for bolder statements and has included products that feature green, blue, red and other, more or less unusual color options. The manufacturer also offers three different textures to suit the requirements of kitchens in any style.


Silestone products are manufactured using the most advanced technologies that combine the qualities of natural stone with the features of synthetic materials. Silestone Products consist of quartz in a proportion of around 96%, the rest being made up from synthetic resins and adhesives. The special combinations used are engineered with resistance and durability in mind and they make products resistant to all the stress that they can be possibly exposed to in a kitchen. As a result, Silestone products are resistant to spills, impact as well as to heat, being the perfect option for kitchens used by many people, each of whom practice a different style when it comes to cooking and using the kitchen.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Silestone products feature surfaces that can be cleaned with the help of a soft cloth and some multi-purpose cleaning substance, without requiring any harsh cleaner or the use of abrasives. Silestone slabs require no special maintenance either, allowing the owner to enjoy the strengths are and the beauty off their counter top without having to pay attention to regularly re sealing or polishing the counter top surface.

Superior Safety for The Entire Household

Depending on the mining area, natural stone might emit radon gas. The fact that Silestone products are not mined, but manufactured in a factory ensures that the risk of such harmful emissions is eliminated completely. The material’s resistance to heat and the possibility of placing hot pans and pots onto the surface directly also increases the safety of the household and the comfort of living in the home.


Silestone slabs are very conveniently priced, being suitable for people looking for quality products for their kitchen but who are on a limited budget.