wood window replacement

Choosing wood Denver window replacement options is definitely the best way to improve your home’s curb appeal, but elegance and style are not the only benefits of installing windows made from the most traditional and most attractive window frame material of them all – here are some more and a few other aspects of wood frames that you should know about.
Insulation for Enhanced Thermal Balance
Wood is a very poor heat conductor, in other words, it is an excellent insulator, about 400 times better than metal and over 1,000 times better than synthetic materials. The insulation you add to your walls will prevent heat exchange only through the surface of the wall and window frames made from wood can prevent the heat inside your home from escaping exactly where your home is the most vulnerable: the window openings.
Superior Sound Insulation
Wood windows provide excellent sound insulation as well – a quality that makes them the best solutions for buildings located close to busy roads or in areas that get a lot of traffic.
Variety in Terms of Design
Wood windows come in huge variety of shades, types and styles. Casement windows, single-hung or double-hung types, awning windows, skylights are all available with wood frames and you can also choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect one to match the overall design of your home.
A Long-Lasting Solution
High-quality wood windows are known to be very durable. Being a natural material, wood needs a little of your attention and some maintenance, but if you take the time to inspect and pamper your wood frames once or twice a year, they will serve you well for decades.
How to Protect Your Investment
Wood is a natural material that looks spectacular and has excellent insulation qualities in itself, but it is also a material that needs your attention. If left untreated for too long, wood can become sensitive to the changing levels of humidity in the air and susceptible to insect attacks.
The wood used for making window frames is treated with protective chemicals during the manufacturing process, but these substances are not absorbed into the deeper layers of the wood and form only a surface barrier in front moisture and rodents. What you need to do to protect your windows and to let them perform as they can is to clean them once a year, to inspect them for any signs of damage and to apply protective substances. If you see that the protective coating applied on the wood in the factory is peeling or warping, remove the damaged layer and apply the fresh coating only when the surface of the frame is smooth. If the cleaning and the inspection reveal signs of mold or rot, remove the entire damaged part and correct the surface with some wood putty before applying the new protective coating.
Wood replacement windows are efficient, attractive and durable – if you can commit to giving them a little of your time each year to take care of them, they make an excellent investment that will return to you in the form of reduced energy bills and greater comfort.