Surveillance For Small Businesses

According to statistical data, businesses, especially small companies are around four times more likely to suffer theft, vandalism and break-in than residential buildings, but even so, only around 30% of businesses have any security system in place, other than door locks and maybe some rails on the windows. If you are the manager or an owner of a small business and you are concerned about the security of your premises, of your assets, your employees and your clients, here are a few measures that are essential for the security systems of small businesses, whatever their profile is.

Proper Locks

Security starts with proper door locks. If the locks used on the doors of your company premises are simple and easy to pick, start the process of improving your security by replacing you existing locks with more sophisticated ones that are either unpickable or more difficult to break. There are many locking solutions that come with special, unique keys that cannot be copied and unbreakable lock mechanisms.

The Benefits of Lighting

Well-lit premises are rarely targeted by burglars and thieves. The installation of exterior illumination that is either on all the time or features motion control and is turned on when the attached sensors detect movement is known to be another excellent deterrent against crime.


Burglar alarms that make a loud sound if their sensors detect any kind of illegal activity after the alarm has been armed are also great deterrents. The systems that are connected to a security company or directly to the nearest police station are even more efficient.

Security Cameras

Modern security camera installation Colorado provider systems no longer require a substantial investment, yet they provide high-quality video footages of whatever is going on among your corporate premises and they send the designated persons alerts whenever suspicious movement is detected.

The security benefits of surveillance camera systems range much further than preventing unauthorized outsiders to access your company premises – here are some:

  • Monitoring employees – surveillance cameras are not only for monitoring what is going on outside your building. They are just as effective inside, allowing you to know what is going on in your company during the day, whether your employees arrive punctually, whether they work as they are expected to. Many cameras can be used for recording audio as well, so you can also listen to the conversations on your corporate premises;


  • Improved work safety – surveillance camera footages provide managers and company owners useful information about their machines work or are operated and whether the safety regulations are observed during work. Employees who know that they are working under the surveillance of cameras take more care to use the safety equipment required for their activities and they avoid shortcuts while operating machines as well, so surveillance cameras ultimately improve the overall safety of the workplace;


  • More affordable insurance – insurers encourage companies to improve the security on their properties by offering them discounts if they install advanced security systems that use cameras. The process usually starts with a security audit to identify the potential hazards and the measures implemented by the company to eliminate those hazards or to reduce their likelihood of turning into real security problems.