Automatic gates represent the optimal solution in the field of property protection, ensuring maximum comfort, characterized by increased burglary resistance, long service life and stability over time. They ensure a silent closing and opening, being also provided with an unlocking system for the event of a power failure. Most systems do not require any maintenance. The reducer is hermetically sealed and contains special oil under pressure that must not be changed. The operating temperature range of the systems is in the industrial range of -35 – + 55 degrees Celsius.

The automation systems for doors and gates are professional and offer great comfort, completely eliminating human effort necessary to open/ close regular gates; they allow or restrict access easily, to both humans and motor vehicles. All you have to do is press a button on a remote control. A complete gate automation system contains: one or two motors, control unit, 2 three-channel remote controls, photocells (to prevent vehicles from hitting the gate), antenna radio, and control lamp.

The system is operated from the remote control, but can also be operated manually, via a key button. The button with a custom key proves its usefulness especially when the power supply is interrupted.

The motors and other components are available in a wide variety of models and areas of use. Automatic gate Denver specialists will help you choose the system that best suits your gate. For any type of gate (swinging or sliding), for industrial or residential use, no matter how extensive it is, there is a professional solution.

automatic gate Denver

In order to identify the optimal automatic gate for your needs, the following factors are taken into account: the model of the gate, its dimensions and weight, constructive particularities, traffic intensity and, of course, aesthetic considerations.

Linear, elongated motors or articulated arm motors can be mounted on swing gates. Where the construction of the gate does not allow, or you do not want to change its appearance, you have the option to choose engines buried in the ground, in stainless steel housings. The motor for the sliding gates has a special construction.

Access control

The increasingly demanding security, whether it is for home users or legal entities, has led to the emergence of access control systems, which allow authorized persons to have access to certain areas and eliminate the risk of unwanted people entering where they are not allowed. These systems can be installed together with any automatic gate.

Since their inception, access control systems have developed a lot. There are both simple systems, such as intercoms, and more complex systems, which can monitor every person from the moment they enter the building, until the moment they leave.

Such access systems are used very often in the corporate environment, but it is becoming more and more popular among various businesses and even among home users. The main benefit that such a system brings is safety, but also the fact that you can easily control every entrance and every exit from the house or building you manage.