Basements are spaces that have lots of potential, yet more often than not they are neglected or used only for storing unused objects – if you are looking for some tips to transform your lowest floor into a place that your entire family and your friends love to spend time in, here are our basement finishing ideas from remodeling contractors in Fort Collins to help you.
How to Get Started
Before you start to design the layout of your new basement, remove everything from the room to see the condition it is really in. Basements that have been crammed with boxes and other objects for a long time can show signs of water damage, such as rot or mold or signs that indicate the presence of harmful insects, but you will not be able to get the whole picture until everything is removed. Traces of condensation tell you that the foundation is not properly sealed and sagging floor joists also indicate that there are structural issues that need to be addressed before you move to the decoration phase.
Adding Insulation
insulating a basement
After addressing structural problems and when you are sure that your basement does not receive any moisture from underneath, you can move on to the insulation of the walls and the pipes. If you see any warping or peeling paint on the walls, remove the damaged parts and wait until the walls are completely dry, then correct all the remaining cracks and dents with some patching compound. Pay special attention to the areas around the pipes and don’t forget that the pipes also need to be insulated before you box them. For the walls, choose the insulation solution that suits your budget – the combination of vapor barrier, rigid foam insulation, a stud frame and a drywall is the most efficient and most affordable option.
Adding More Light
Most basements don’t get sufficient light from outside, so you will have to add light fixtures to make the space really inviting. Use a combination of ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting, wall sconces and standard lamps to create suitable lighting conditions. It is a good idea to hire a professional for this phase to make sure that the electrical system of the basement is suitable for adding the fixtures and outlets that you want and that the additions are created in a safe and professional manner.
The Interior Decoration
When the insulation is done, you can start painting, furnishing and decorating the basement. Basements are usually dark rooms that have low ceilings and don’t get too much natural light, so the most suitable paint colors to be used on the walls are light hues, such as cream, beige, green-blue, powder pink or grey. If your basement is an exception and it gets natural light in abundance, you can use the bright colors in the well-lit parts and richer, saturated colors in the darker parts of the room. You can choose satin paint to highlight one of your walls or flat paint on all the walls, both solutions are fine.
When it comes to furnishing your basement, light colors work best on the furniture as well and you can play a lot with accessories, such as wall decorations, vases, pillows and rugs.
And to conclude, here is the last one of our basement finishing ideas: be prepared that your basement remodeling project can take a very long time, so you will need to be patient and to adopt a strategic approach to the entire project.