fire resistant roofing in productsIn the case of any roof, fire safety is very important, because the surface of a roof is a large and exposed area that may be easily prone to acts of nature (wildfires) and electric accidents. Even if you live in an area that is not exposed to wildfires, you should not consider your roof risk-free, because there are other causes of fire, especially during the summer: bonfire or barbecue embers that travel easily with the wind, sparks from a nearby accidental fire, chimney sparks, lightning strikes etc.

The only thing that offers additional protection in such cases is a fireproof roof. Such a roof is built from fire resistant materials (which mean they do not burn easily and do not keep alive a fire). These materials are tested and classified according to a rating system, which makes them easy to distinguish in terms of the provided safety. The main aspects specialists observe during tests are how the flame penetrates and spreads, as well as the degree that the material forms embers.

As a result, class A fireproof roofing in Littleton materials includes materials the least flammable, thus with the highest ratings, class B includes materials resistant against moderate surface fire, and class C materials are only effective against light surface fires, being the most flammable. However, the fire-resistance of these materials also depend on the roof’s structure. For example, a structure made of wood

Here are a few examples of fire resistant roofing materials.

Concrete and Clay Tiles

These are not among the most common materials, mostly because of their price. These materials are very efficient in providing different levels of protection, including fire protection, they look beautiful and complement different architectural styles.


Slate is a natural stone, thus a roof made of this material is not only rock solid, but also fire proof. Such a roof is virtually indestructible, if it has an adequate resistance structure (slate is probably the heaviest roofing material)


Metal tiles are probably the most popular fire proof roofing materials, but they are a great option even for homes in geographic areas with heavy rain falls, being covered with a protective layer that increases their resistance to moisture and sea salt particles.

The advantages of a metal roof are important for all those who pay close attention to the qualitative details of their home. Such a roof is very light, it has the ability to reflect the heat emitted by the sun, thus contributing to saving the energy consumed on air cooling systems, during the summer.

Steel and aluminum are the most common and economical materials in these roofs. The paint applied is resistant and provides a glossy or matte finish to the roof. Installed correctly, a metal roof can be as durable as the house. Snow and water are drained quickly from the slippery metal surface, the wind slides easily, and insects and pests will not attack it.

Also, because the metal roofing materials are non-combustible, they usually belong to class A fire resistance.